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[gcmd-usr] I lost my menu bar (or perhaps my mind)

From: Ken Taylor
Subject: [gcmd-usr] I lost my menu bar (or perhaps my mind)
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2018 13:08:14 -0400
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g-c 1.8.1 on CentOS 7.4 with the Mate desktop

I just called up g-c and needed to look for a hidden .filename file.
Should be simple - View; [ X] Show Hidden files.  Except... the File;
Edit; Mark; View... bar was GONE!

I tried F10 (which allow me to change displayed bars in Firefox) nothing

I poked around the top of g-c with the mouse to see if I could launch
something - no

I renamed my ~/.gnome-commander file and launched g-c. A new directory
was created, no menu bar

I reinstalled g-c - no change

I uninstalled and reinstalled g-c - no change

I rebooted the computer :-((  - no change

I launched g-c and began beating on the F keys. F1 launched help (which
I looked at but not completely), then F2 etc. After F7 which launched
the "create a directory" dialog the keys did not seem to do anything (or
I fell asleep). When I finally LOOKED at g-c I observed that my menu bar
was back :-)

A bit more testing showed that F12 is the offending (or magic) key.  And
yes, it is described in the help/g-c Manual.

I wanted to pass along a couple of items...

If you flail at the keyboard as I do - and you accidentally hit F12 -
you will loose your File; Edit; ... menu (but F12 will bring it back.

More importantly ... consider looking in the manual at the range of
keyboard shortcuts which are available in g-c. WOW! I am amazed. And I
will be doing some studying.

Ken Taylor

Clayton, NC USA

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