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[gcmd-usr] Advance Rename Tool WOW! (also a tip about bookmarks)

From: Ken Taylor
Subject: [gcmd-usr] Advance Rename Tool WOW! (also a tip about bookmarks)
Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2017 15:56:45 -0400
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I have been a gnome-commander user for longer than I can remember. However, I am too hard headed to explore new features in an application. I discovered that F2 would allow me to rename a file and I have renamed thousands of files that way. Even when I am renaming a bunch of files from "The Very Best Of Rock 'N' Roll~ Box 3 Vol. 2 - 01 - song title - artist" to "01 - song title - artist" after moving the files to a directory hierarchy music/The Very Best Of Rock 'N' Roll/Box 3 Vol. 2"

This afternoon I decided to explore the File; Advance Rename Tool. Fantastic! Select the files to be renamed, Ctrl-M, Add the rename scheme (a little copy/paste/edit), check the proposed results and Apply. Brilliant! Why did I not try that MANY years ago? The only downside I found was that when I was working on loooooooooong file names the dialog window would span my two 24" monitors. The file name I was working on was on the left monitor and the action buttons were on the right side of the right monitor. That might give me a sore neck but no where near as bad as my sore wrist from manually shortening a bunch of file names :-)

Thanks and keep up the good work Uwe!


Clayton, NC USA

p.s. Breaking my hard headed mold of doing things the hard way I recently started playing with Bookmarks in gnome-commander. If you use bookmarks you may find that when you call up the Bookmarks dialog with Ctrl-D the bookmark tree under "Home" is collapsed. The keyboard shortcut to expand the tree is the "+" key. I am sure that is documented somewhere but I sort of found it by accident. A lot quicker than reaching for the mouse...

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