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Re: [gcmd-usr] Problems building latest version

From: Uwe Scholz
Subject: Re: [gcmd-usr] Problems building latest version
Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2017 22:52:03 +0100

Am Mon, 30 Jan 2017 22:21:58 +0100 schrieb "R. Diez"

> > Regarding the error with GLib, there is a solution another user
> > posted on the internet(*): try the command (as root)
> >
> > glib-compile-schemas /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas
> >
> > Then, gnome-commander should start normally.  
> This did not work for me, probably because I did not want to install 
> gnome-commander as root and risk overwriting system files. I built it 
> from and installed it to a directory under $HOME .
> I managed to start it by using environment variable 
> GSETTINGS_SCHEMA_DIR. You can get more information, including how to
> fix your application to run from a directory under $HOME, on this
> page:
> https://askubuntu.com/questions/251712/how-can-i-install-a-gsettings-schema-without-root-privileges

Thanks, I did not install gnome-commander in $HOME in the past, so I
never stumbled over this schema thing.

Setting the appropriate environment variable is also what the the
developers of GIO (the gnome library providing GSettings) say when the
schema might be found in another than the standard directory

You could define an alias for gnome-commander, which will always set
the right GSettings directory when starting gnome-commander.

> I got the following warning, so I expect that something will not work 
> properly:
> (gnome-commander:4721): libgnomevfs-WARNING **: Failed to activate 
> daemon: The name org.gnome.GnomeVFS.Daemon was not provided by any 
> .service files

This is an indication that there is no gnomevfs daemon running on your
system. This is quite normal on modern linux distributions, as gnomevfs
is outdated. There are plans to update Gnome-commander to use
gvfs, the successor of gnomevfs. But this is a major task and nobody
found the time for this, yet. This results for example in not being
able to mount or unmount devices from within gnome-commander.

> I am however more worried about the following, which is still the
> same in version 1.6.2:
> "I immediately missed the standard Ctrl+L keyboard shortcut in order
> to paste a directory path to go to. I also noticed that you cannot
> edit the /home/user path displayed over the file panes."

Don't be worried. There simply is no shortcut for this. :) But you
could just start typing "cd" and the cursor will imediately jump
into the command line at the bottom of gnome-commander, from where you
also could reach the desired directory (e.g. "cd /tmp" ENTER).

I honestly was not aware that Ctrl+L is a standard for this
functionality. Who defined this standard? Gnome-commander is an
independent project, not really related to any other file manager. If
someone misses a feature here, one should just ask for it (or implement

> I also missed the file compression options that Xubuntu's version of 
> gnome-commander has. It is probably because of the "File Roller" 
> plug-in. I guess I have to find that plug-in myself for the new
> version, and compile it, because at least that plug-in seems to be a
> shared object. Or maybe I did not configure gnome-commander properly
> before building it. I had to look around, as it wasn't mentioned in
> the README. It's all too much work.

This feature is only available if the dev-package of file-roller is
available on your system while configuring and building
gnome-commander, as far as I know. I can't tell by heart but there
might also occur problems when gnome-commander is installed in $HOME
and not system-wide.

When installing gnome-commander via root, the plugin would then be
found in /usr/local/lib/gnome-commander/plugins/. It has to be
activated in the plugins menu (in German: Erweiterungen).

After that you can use compression/extraction features in the popup
menu when right-clicking on a file.

> Regards,
>    rdiez

Best wishes

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