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[gcmd-usr] Gnome-Commander v1.6.0 approaching

From: Uwe Scholz
Subject: [gcmd-usr] Gnome-Commander v1.6.0 approaching
Date: Mon, 8 Aug 2016 22:05:40 +0200
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Dear list,

I finally merged the GSettings branch into the master branch of Gcmd.
Dmitry and Martin also contributed with cool new features and bugfixes
in the last weeks. I will now start to update the documentation for all
the changes and create a new v1.6.0 branch when this is ready. Finally,
I'll ask the translator teams to have a look at the changes in
translatable strings.

Up to now there are allot of changes compared to v1.4.8:

Bug fixes:
 * Fixed problem bgo#671616 (Right-Mouse popup menu is displayed in wrong 
position, Thanks to Dmitry)
 * Fixed problem bgo#683087 (Crash opening properties window on certain 
objects, Thanks to Dmitry)
 * Fixed problem bgo#742752 (Made options dialog resizable and added scrollbars)
 * Preserve focused file after renamed with AdvRenDialog (Thanks to Martin 
 * Fixed problem bgo#767158 (Shortcuts stop working after changing layout)

New features:
 * Always reopen the tab which was previously closed in the options dialog
 * Samba support is now optionally available via configure option
 * Configurable command for sending files to a preferred application
 * Button 'Edit files' accepts more than one selected file at the same time
 * Device buttons and device list entries act as 'home buttons' for that device 
when it is already active
 * Copy directory path to clipboard after right click on dir-indicator (Thanks 
to Dmitry)
 * Show/hide mainmenu can be set as keyboard shortcut now (Thanks to Dmitry)
 * Simple plug-in system for file context menu (Thanks to Dmitry)
 * Display of application icons in the "Open With" popup menu (Thanks to Dmitry)
 * Write bookmark changes immediately to file, Sync bookmarks between all 
instances (Thanks to Dmitry)
 * Storage of options is done in the dconf database now instead of a 
gnome-config file (see bgo#570733)
 * Devices and fav-apps are now stored within the GKeyFile format
 * Started usage of google test framework for unit tests
 * New colour theme 'Winter'
 * Code cleanup

Other changes:
 * Removed "Open folder" command in popup menu and user action

Best wishes,

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