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Re: [gcmd-usr] Gcmd is now stable on Gentoo

From: Michael
Subject: Re: [gcmd-usr] Gcmd is now stable on Gentoo
Date: Sun, 2 Nov 2014 01:29:05 +0100


> Can you remember since when you recognised the "device change" issue?

I'm sorry, not really. The HOME icon worked for many years before (for me.) It 
should have changed only some few months ago. I do updates (debian testing) 
more often.

> Actually, I can not remember that it ever worked in my Xfce environment.

Probably rather depends on the gnome libs version than on the window manager ?

> Concerning the focus setting problem: can you specify what happens here?

It happens, for example, after the first change of layout (vertical <.> 
horizontal) when the first TAB sets the focus but does not update the 
highlighted 'focus' line. There is a 'relict' in the non-focus pane too, which 
makes things more confusing. When you try to navigate by arrow keys at that 
point, it feels like random.

It happens on other occasions too (because i don't switch the layout so often) 
but just from my memory i can't nail it down.

hth mi

ps. If there was a way to configure device icons just as either devices, or 
folders, then the inbuilt default home button could be removed completely and 
replaced by a simple config line for that folder. Maybe something like $HOME or 
~ could possibly be used there ? 
This change might be easier than to track bugs. One would move the 'skip 
mounting' option to each separate device, voila, finished. This option seems to 
not work anyway, and should probably be removed as a general setting anyway. 
Even with supermount (does it still exist?) it should be ok to set this by 
single device.

As a consequence, the title 'device' now would be inaccurate (because now it 
can be bookmarks as well) but i guess it would be possible to find some other 
words (places ? locations ? favorites ?).

The whole thing could be more useful in the future, someday it could be 
expanded to network places (like samba or webdav) too.

I use my bookmark icons a hundred times each day and don't ever open the 
bookmarks dialog.

Also, with touchscreens it's better to have bookmark icons than dropdown menus.

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