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[gcmd-usr] gcmd list help

From: Toche, Patrick
Subject: [gcmd-usr] gcmd list help
Date: Tue, 06 Dec 2011 01:14:46 +0800

Hi there, is anyone out there?

I would like to send a question to the gnome-commander user list. I have 
registered and verified my email. I have sent a message. Has anyone received 
it? Is anyone receiving this message?

If you get this email, I'd appreciate if you'd reply and let me know: how do I 
search the discussion list for my messages and answers, if any. Here's my 
email: address@hidden 

I have looked here:
but it's nearly empty.

where are the archives kept? or do gnome-commander users send their messages 

I have looked here, but didn't find it:

If I don't receive any answers, I'll assume something went terribly wrong 
during registration, and my messages are stopped by some spam filter.



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