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[gcmd-usr] SMB share

From: didinside
Subject: [gcmd-usr] SMB share
Date: Wed, 04 Jul 2007 12:05:31 +0200
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I switched recently my laptop from windows to ubuntu. As I'm a windows man, I'm used to use file manager like Total Commander. I found your file manager which is very similar and allows me to fell very confortable.

I'm using Gnome commander 1.2.3 on Ubuntu Feisty 7.04 (gnome).

I would have nevertheless a question regarding SMB share. I can see a SMB icon allowing to browse the network. If I click on it, I can see our networks (windows domain and linux samba) but I'm not able to enter to any server (windows share or linux smb share). Message I have is : "List failed: Operation not permitted". To get it work, I need first to use the "Connect to server" icon or "Network" icon in the ubuntu menu. Then I have to enter credentials and my connection is ok. If I come back to Gnome commander, I can browse the network (using SMB icon) and enter onto the server I previously enter my credentials. Is that a way to do it directly within "Gnome commander" whitout using the ubuntu features ?

I would have an other question still on SMB share. It seems that "Gnome commander" doens't know how to deal with some kind of files. Exemple : I'm browsing our file server, I see a "doc" file and click on it but I get the message "<application> does not know how to open remote file. Do you want to download the file to a temporary location and then reopen it ?" If I do the same from "Nautilus", it works directly. Is-it something to configure inside gnome commander ?

Apologies for my poor english. I'm still thinking I'm a newbie on linux but I'm not afraid to use cli.

Best regards,

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