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[gcmd-usr] One Big Wish - Customize Shortcuts

From: Felix Hummel
Subject: [gcmd-usr] One Big Wish - Customize Shortcuts
Date: Thu, 01 Feb 2007 11:41:33 +0100

I like GC a lot - I come from Total Commander and the only thing I miss
is the ability to customize shortcuts, which made Total Commander
superior to any other two-pane file manager I encountered.
I could easily choose that <ctrl>+<left> sent the directory on the right
to the left pane.

A configuration menu like this would be great:
| Function                 | Shortcut   |
| current_dir_to_left_pane | ctrl+left  |
| new ftp connection       | ctrl+alt+f |
| another_function         | ctrl+a     |

some thoughts about the dialog behavior:
* keyboard-support (like various games provide)
** <up>/<down> navigate through the list
** <enter> lets user input a key combination (assign-mode)
** <esc> escapes leaving shortcut as is
** <del> when not in assign-mode clears a shortcut
* mouse-hovering shows a tooltip with longer description what a function

If there is another way to set shortcuts, I would highly appreciate to
hear it. If not, I hope this OBW gets through to the developers.



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