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[gcmd-usr] GNOME Commander 1.2.2 released

From: Piotr Eljasiak
Subject: [gcmd-usr] GNOME Commander 1.2.2 released
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2006 01:33:58 +0100


The GNOME Commander team is proud to announce the next stable release of
GNOME Commander: 1.2.2.

What's new since 1.2.1:

Bug fixes:
 * Fixed problem with symlink creation for multiple file selection
 * Fixed problem with grouping of file size digits
 * Fixed problem with SMB UNC handling
 * Fixed problem #367744 (filename not correctly displayed)
 * Fixed problem #374282 (searching with recursive symlinks)
 * Fixed problem #377706 (selecting files with SHIFT+PGDN)

New features:
 * Support for ID3 metags in advanced file rename templates
 * Updated help docs
 * New or updated translations: ar, en_GB, es, fi, it, pl, sv
 * New key bindings:
      CTRL+SHIFT+=   Set both panels equal

What is it?

GNOME Commander is a fast and powerful graphical file manager, it has a
"two-pane" interface in the tradition of Norton and Midnight Commander. 

    * FTP support.
    * SAMBA access.
    * Right click mouse menu.
    * User defined context menu.
    * Quick device access buttons with automatic mounting and
    * Latest accessed folder history.
    * Folder bookmarks.
    * Plugin support.
    * Meta data support for Exif, IPTC and ID3 tags.
    * Fast file viewer for text, images and 
    * Tools for advanced renaming of files, searching, quick file name
search in current dir, symlinking, comparing directories.
    * Integrated command line.

Where can I get it ?

Source code


b053bd75ed56920d281a70816939b9f2  gnome-commander-1.2.2.tar.bz2
0c8834c09b3b70d54aefb47861823a1a  gnome-commander-1.2.2.tar.gz


Project site    http://www.nongnu.org/gcmd/
Bugzilla http://bugzilla.gnome.org/browse.cgi?product=gnome-commander


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