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Re: [gcmd-usr] GC wishlist

From: Micha
Subject: Re: [gcmd-usr] GC wishlist
Date: Sat, 4 Nov 2006 22:11:13 +0100
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Another beloved feaure:
When a file is highlighted, complete it's filename if the last part i shidden
(like in rename, but not editable)....could be handy if you have long
filfe names describing the content, and index numbers at the end 
(for example if i add another file to a group, i need to know the last
index number. And anyway, hidden pieces always contain important
information else i wouldn't dub fikles this way =) 

I think completely 'replace' visually l.ike this, is much better than the
legacy ballon help as done by win$xplorer, which is just ugly, namely always 
too small, and you can't read what's below the balloon anyway, 
so what Mr Gates.

logbot <address@hidden>:
> - Modeless find-as-you-type for files and directories.  As I explain 
> in the thread "Incremental dir/file search in a dir", this is really 
> fast and useful for navigating large directories.  GC almost has this, 
> but typing the file/dirname creates a small search field, and you have 
> to dismiss it by hitting Enter to select the file/dir.

Would it be good enough to 'preserver' the field, but still perform
search only when hitting enter ? Because, personally, i find it 
annoying when i know i have to type at least 3 or 4 letters but the 
search is wildly jumping from the start...

> - Tabs for individual panes, a la Total Commander and Krusader.

Yepp, would be cool, but i don't think that will be done soon.
Yet you can launch several gcmd instances independantly, as a
workaround, and after all, multiple workspaces were invented for 
that kind of purpose, too. (They appear even in windows now, finally ;)

> - Option to toggle whether directories sort by date along with files. 
>   Sometimes you want directories to always be in alphabetical order 
> while sorting files by date (for instance if you have a large /home).

Sorting is, generally spoken, a mess in linux, IMHO.
What are the options in TotalCOmmander, Krusader, WinExplorer, or Konqueror ?
Maybe it's the *easiest* way to apporach what you propose, and much more, by 
a keyboard shortcut to toggle show directories/show files/show all ?
Personally, i find the recent shortcuts (Ctrl+F3-7) not too convincing, perhaps 
could be reinterpreted...

> I apologize if this list seems too unrealistic or demanding.
Fall on your knees and swear to stop looking upon other apps ;)

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