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[gcmd-usr] GC wishlist

From: logbot
Subject: [gcmd-usr] GC wishlist
Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2006 16:28:53 -0400
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I was a long-time Total Commander user before I switched to Linux (Ubuntu) several months ago. I'm finding Gnome Commander quite nice to use and a very acceptable substitute for TC. There are a few things I miss from TC however, that I'd like to submit as a wishlist for future versions of GC:

- Modeless find-as-you-type for files and directories. As I explain in the thread "Incremental dir/file search in a dir", this is really fast and useful for navigating large directories. GC almost has this, but typing the file/dirname creates a small search field, and you have to dismiss it by hitting Enter to select the file/dir. An option to disable the search dialog thus eliminating this extra step is what I mean by "modeless".

- Tabs for individual panes, a la Total Commander (version 6 or later) and Krusader. This is nice when you work in multiple sets of directories and want to quickly switch between them.

- Option to toggle whether directories sort by date along with files. Sometimes you want directories to always be in alphabetical order while sorting files by date (for instance if you have a large /home).

I apologize if this list seems too unrealistic or demanding. Actually, I made a wishlist like this several months ago, and many of the issues on it have since been fixed! So GC is making great strides as a piece of software... I would like to see it become even better. Thanks in advance for your consideration.

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