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[gcmd-usr] SSH + Plugins

From: Youri Matthys
Subject: [gcmd-usr] SSH + Plugins
Date: Sun, 07 May 2006 18:12:43 +0200


I've just disovered gnome-commander and finally found the file-manager i
was looking for or years! Kudos to the devel team.

However, there are still some things i can't figure out:

    ° In the menu there is an option called plugins. Where can I find
plugins to use with GC?
    ° While connecting to FTP servers works fine i still need to acces
my SSH shares very often. Is
     it possible to achieve this in GC?
    ° I'm using gentoo linux and fetched the 1.2 ebuild from the site
but it doesn't find the package on
     the server. Can someone provide me with a decent URL to the

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