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[gcmd-usr] test balloon

From: Micha
Subject: [gcmd-usr] test balloon
Date: Sat, 30 Jul 2005 03:37:55 +0200
User-agent: Das Alpenjodeln

I guess it's only some very few people listening on that list.
So, let's see.
I like to relaunch a discussion about of 'what kind of special
filemanager would be cool'. gcmd really could fill some interesting gap,
IMHO. My idea is, if we could agree on a cool concept, we could possibly
find some developer support - if not for honor, then perhaps for fun?.
So, it should be something that's really cool, and my suggestion is a
'filemanager building set' where advanced users can put together
anything for their special needs (preconfigured itmes as well as hacking
own plugins in whatever language or interpreter is executable on the
system). The 'plugin' collection would be available for all users
through a web archive, of course. 
Somehow like The Gimp. It has plugins, a processing script language.
But it still lacks free configuration of the UI afaics.

In contrast to Nautilus, i'd focus on core FS features rather than on
usability and office stuff (like day planners or web-browser features). 
That doesn't mean that once the building set works it can't be used to
build a network tool.

Some features i personally would like to have pooled in one
application are manageing advanced filesystem attributes (eg, reiser of
ext3) and encryptions, raw-data rescue/forensic, undeleting,
partitioning, advanced searches including content analysis, and backup
with dynamical created target lists and storing different setup
configuration. And an advanced hex editor ;)

This is of course my preference, and still rather independant from the
basic idea high configurability. I like to hear your ideas !

I also don't see any reason why gmcd has to be called  'gnome' 
anymore. It's not integrating in any special way with recent gnome
desktops. Instead, it's a great advantage that it's running
independantly and doesn't 'disturb' things with, say, KDE.

So why not find a new name, and if it's only for widening the
imagination :)...For example, it could become something like 'Gnorton'
(but that won't work for trademark reasons?) or 'Neptune' or
'Guts' (any more ideas?) ...

ps. Magnus, or whoever is the list maintainer,
can't you do something against the notorious SPAM ?
It's not that it's too much, but a matter of principle.
I know other subscriber lists have the same problem (debian consultants,
for example) but not all of them, so there must be a way.

Anyway, there's so less traffic on this list that i think it could
become much more closed without problems. Are there any options ?
Then, we also could drop the string 'users' and put all intersted into
one pot. So we would be at least some 5 or so :)


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