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Re: [gcmd-usr] GNOME Commander 1.1.5

From: Marcus Bjurman
Subject: Re: [gcmd-usr] GNOME Commander 1.1.5
Date: 13 Jan 2004 16:49:50 -0100

On Tue, 2004-01-13 at 13:59, address@hidden wrote:
> Hi folks,
> > Bug fixes:
> >  * The ext-column is now hidden when the extension is set to only be
> >    shown together with the filename.
> IMO this is not a very good solution because it disables sorting by ext
> with mouse. Personally I'd rather prefer presenting filename+ext across
> 2 columns when the option is set to show ext together with the filename.
> Is it possible in Gnome2 ?

If you want to see and sort by the extension why not just go with the
"in separate column" mode?

The current modes ought to be enough for everyone :)


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