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[gcmd-usr] GNOME Commander 1.1.5

From: Marcus Bjurman
Subject: [gcmd-usr] GNOME Commander 1.1.5
Date: 11 Jan 2004 13:00:09 -0100


As you have surely noticed the Savannah download functionality have been
broken for a while now. Therefore this new release is only available
through the gnome ftp mirrors[1]. Also, there will be no binary packages
until Savannah starts working again.

So what have changed you ask. Here is a summary:

Bug fixes:
 * The ext-column is now hidden when the extension is set to only be
   shown together with the filename.
 * Fixed unnecessary redraws of the file-list when dragging files over
 * Fixed problem with ftp-connections that didn't disappear from the
   connection toolbars when disconnected.
 * The program no longer tries to center itself on the desktop.
 * Fixed problems when renaming directories.
New features:
 * The dir-indicator above each file-list can now be used to navigate
   upwards in the directory structure.

A delayed happy new year to you all


[1] On your favourite ftp mirror the path to gnome-commander should look
    like this:
    It may take a while before all mirrors have synced with the master

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