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[gcmd-usr] a few tips for next releases

From: espinosa
Subject: [gcmd-usr] a few tips for next releases
Date: Wed, 24 Jul 2002 12:44:52 +0200

I have tried new version of gnome-commander and I'm satisfied.
Quick search is really one, I'v dreamed about.
Excellent work.
Thank you very much.

I would have a few tips for next releases:

--opening directory confusion
  If user clicks to direcory to open, which is on slow medium or
  with huge number of file (like /usr/lib :-), he doesn't know if 
  something is underway or mouse event was ignored or lost.
  User can even work with directory as usuall (select,move,copy..)
  until - as a surprise - a new directory is rendered out!
  It can be really confusing!

  Follows should be done:
  - disable file list panel until new directory is to show
  - clear file list panel until new directory is to show 
  - show hourglass as a mouse cursor
  - show simple message (in status bar? in dialog? 
    intead of file-list? )
  - show some waiting animation, like MC's rotating bar in the 
  - combinations of above

--invoking of quick search
  combination <Ctrl><Shift><letter> can beat with desktop   
  acceleratin keys (especially in KDE)
  I would like to set up my own.
  I would like to simple press <Ctrl> to quick search appear
  and THEN type letters

--quick search dialog placement
  Quick search dialog should share same place/layout as input 
  line! They both grab keyboard focus

--toggle between input line / quick search
  toggling via some visible button and accel key
  (what about simple <Ctrl> ?)
  If quick seach is swith on, it grabs keyboard focus and input 
  line is hidden and vice versa.

--F2 for quick file renaming
  (you can use yet existing input line ;-)

--option to hide upper taskbar, bottom button bar and input line.
  I personally prefer to view files as much as possible.

--hide some columns
  I personally dislike the third column with file extension names
  It's just wasting place.

--context menu behaving
  In the new wersion I discovered different behaving of file 
  context menu. I have to keep pressed the right mouse button
  to keep menu visible.
  It's a bug or a feature?
  I would appreciate classic context menu behaving.
  It also should contain menu item to hide itself!

--shortcut to gnome mime-type manager
  just a simple a item in context menu. Extension of selected 
  file could be send to mime-type manager

--not all option setting must be accesible by GUI
  New functionality of commander should be preffered before
  all-accesible-by-GUI concept.
  (just my opinion)


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