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[gcmd-dev] Gnome Commander updates: meson as build system, other news

From: Uwe Scholz
Subject: [gcmd-dev] Gnome Commander updates: meson as build system, other news
Date: Wed, 4 Jan 2023 23:59:27 +0100

Hi all,

happy new year to the readers of this mailing list. Are there still
some around? :)

I just want to inform you that I have merged a branch into master in
which the build system of Gnome Commander is migrated away from
autotools (the well known "autogen.sh && make && make install") over to
the use of "meson", which is the default build system for modern Gnome

More information about the use of meson can be found in the INSTALL
file of Gnome Commander
or directly on the meson home page
Reach out to me if you have any questions. I hope we can sort them out.

Furthermore I want to give a shout-out to Roman Pauer who worked hard
in the past months and contributed with a lot of source code changes.
He updated the codebase, removed a huge number of bugs which have not
even been reported and last but not least he brought back the internal
search! (This one was broken since the migration to GIO).

Thanks a lot, Roman!

I don't know yet when the next Gcmd release will come, but you will
love it :)

Kind regards

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