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Re: [gcmd-dev] Search to be removed from Gnome Commander(?)

From: Uwe Scholz
Subject: Re: [gcmd-dev] Search to be removed from Gnome Commander(?)
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2022 21:56:18 +0100

Hi Mamoru-san,

Am Fri, 14 Jan 2022 01:13:38 +0900 schrieb Mamoru TASAKA:
> Uwe Scholz wrote on 2022/01/13 3:13:
> >
> > At the moment, the search functionality (through F9) is driving me
> > crazy. It is crashing with a meaningless error all the time.
> > [...]
> > Let me know what you think.
> Well, difficult... but it seems (although I am not confident) that something 
> wrong is happening
> basically on:
> https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gnome-commander/-/blob/fed9ef1a44cd01b6c1dfb231795e07f5f067de57/src/gnome-cmd-file-list.cc#L1924
> So (again although I am not confident) I am somehow thinking that
> GtkCList here (i.e:
> https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gnome-commander/-/blob/fed9ef1a44cd01b6c1dfb231795e07f5f067de57/src/gnome-cmd-file-list.cc#L1920
> ) is not "correctly" created, i.e. it needs some kind of initialization or so.
> But I am not familiar with manners to use GObject (basically how to define / 
> initialize
> GObject based objects)...

Yea, line 1920 and 1924 look odd to me, too. I did not identify that
those lines could also be the culprit, but it might be. To be honest I
have the impression that it _might_ be an issue also of GtkCList being
deprecated a while ago. We also have an open issue about this

I played around with object initialization, but did not have luck so
far. I also thought of removing the creation of a separate thread just
for a test when doing the file search. But in the end it is also not a
permanent solution. It must be a separate thread I think, otherwise the
main window would not be usable while the file search is running. :-/


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