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[gcmd-dev] g-c preferences

From: kht-lists
Subject: [gcmd-dev] g-c preferences
Date: Mon, 13 May 2019 19:41:32 +0000

Hello again Uwe,

I am not sure that preferences are handled much different between gnome3 and 
Mate. In Mate I can use gsettings to interrogate
or CHANGE preferences:

address@hidden ~]$ gsettings get org.gnome.gnome-commander.preferences.general 

However, I have not figured out how to CREATE a new preference.  It seem that 
the installation of g-c does that somehow.  That said... I searched the src 
directory in the tarball and found:

line 320 of gnome-cmd-data.h
          gboolean                     search_window_is_transient {true};

There are a whole lot of preferences listed in that file. I did notice that the 
offending preference was the only one which had a value set in this block of 
code and it was the only value in the file in lower case {true}.  I tried 
changing it to TRUE and rebuilding the rpm. Same problem. The offending 
preference "KEY" was not created on the Mate installation.    I am going to 
setup a clean CentOS Mate installation (without a prior version of g-c) and 
make a list of what keys are created. I will compare this against the values 
listed in gnome-cmd-data.h (I hope).

Ken Taylor

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