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Re: [gcmd-dev] new config dir

From: Uwe Scholz
Subject: Re: [gcmd-dev] new config dir
Date: Mon, 1 Apr 2019 12:17:50 +0200

Hi Michael,

> Uwe, can we do some quick briefing about your plans for config transitions ?
> 1) On my 'rolling' Debian ('testing') there's still only 1.4.8 available and 
> it
> uses ~/.gnome-commander/gnome-commander.xml. There's possibly a problem if you
> switch off .gnome-commander and much later, Debian upgrades with a big leap
> from 1.4.8 to some 1.1x ... -> who will be responsible to write a migration
> script ?

I already noticed that Debian is way behind the current version of Gnome
Commander. Unfortunately I do not know who the package maintainer there is but I
think it would be a good thing to find out who it is and ask to upgrade
gcmd to a more recent version.

If they really do a big step like 1.4.8 > 1.1X... then I would suggest to update
locally by building 1.8.0 and 1.10.0 yourself and start it once each. This will
result in a perfect settings migration. (I know it is a pain in the ass
but I don't see another solution at the moment).

> 2) My gcmd version uses both dirs ~/.gnome-commander and .gnome2 for config 
> files.
> Are you planning to merge and move all configs to ~/.config/gnome-commander ?
> Which is the default for debian based sitros, according to some freedesktop
> deliberations, and i strongly support it.

Yes I am planning to move the settings from ~/.gnome-commander into
~/.config/gnome-commander. This is what happens when you start version 1.10.0 
fist time. But the files in there are also renamed into xxx.deprecated,
because they are actually also copied into the GSettings data base. All 
files can be removed by the user later on. I just left them for security 

Nearly the same happened already with the files in ~/.gnome2 in the release of
gcmd-1-6. See here: https://gcmd.github.io/2016/10/04/Release-v1-6-0.html in the
section "Usage of dconf instead of gnome-config".

> Wouldn't we need a debian 'pre-configure' transition script and some 
> 'migrated'
> flag (file) ? Maybe theres a debian standard procedure and templates, and 
> maybe
> it's a task for the package maintener ?

To be honest I doubt that something generic like this exists because every 
has its own structure of settings, which makes the creation of a general 
template nearly impossible. But I might be wrong. Could you maybe reach out the
Debian package maintainer of Gnome Commander and ask when they will ship the 
version of Gnome Commander? They are the ones who complain about using old
libraries, too, but when they don't upgrade their packages it will never 
change. ;-)

In the end, if nothing works out, you would still have the possibility to 
migrate the settings from the config files into the Gnome Commander options when
the "update step" is to large for the automatic migration.


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