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Re: [gcmd-dev] Gcmd mailing lists

From: Thomas Jost
Subject: Re: [gcmd-dev] Gcmd mailing lists
Date: Sun, 20 Oct 2013 19:18:16 +0200
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Le 19 octobre 2013 à 19:20 CEST, Uwe Scholz a écrit :
> Dear gcmd users and developers, :)
> This week I found some time to file a support request on savannah.org
> [1]. It was about the missing administration of the two gcmd mailing
> lists gcmd-devel and gcmd-users. I requested administration rights
> because I think I will find the time in the future to take care of these
> mailing lists. Karl Berry, an administrator of nongnu.org gave me admin
> rights. Anybody else who want to be an admin of the lists can drop me a
> mail. I think, it would be good to have at least two admins in the
> future.
> Secondly, you might have noticed that mails to gcmd-users were not
> distributed in the past. At least I tried it several times but it didn't
> work. I'm glad that Karl could help me to solve this issue (there were
> too strong spam filters and discard filters installed at this list) and
> it is now possible again to send mails to gcmd-users. You might have
> noticed my test mail this morning.
> Finally, I just want to announce that I could reach Thomas Jost, who has
> access to the CVS repository of gcmd's home page. He is now also a
> member of these mailing lists again. As we can make changes to the
> homepage, it would be a good idea to leave a message there about Piotr's
> fade away and about the ongoing development of gcmd.
> I hope you all agree with this.
> Ciao,
> Uwe
> [1] https://savannah.gnu.org/support/index.php?108413

Hi list,

So apparently I'm the only project member Uwe could reach. Well, I'll
try to help :)

Just so you know, I did some gcmd hacking back in 2010-2011 (to fix a
few bugs that affected me). I also offered Piotr to help him with the
website, which had not been updated for more than a year before that
(despite several stable releases). As a result, I am a "member" of the
project on Savannah (not an admin), with access to the gcmd-web
repository only. But since the code is in a public Git repository, we
can move it anywhere without much trouble.

I'll try to contact the Savannah administration shortly. Hopefully they
can promote me to admin, which would allow me to add other people to the

With Uwe we talked about hosting the project. Savannah seems quite
outdated to me. I'd rather move to GitHub, which has a much better Git
interface and bug tracker, and which can also host static websites like
the current one. I created a "gcmd" organisation there
(https://github.com/gcmd). But I don't want to take that decision on my
own; so how would you guys feel about moving to GitHub?



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