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[gcmd-dev] Re: gcmd treeview

From: Michael
Subject: [gcmd-dev] Re: gcmd treeview
Date: Tue, 6 Jul 2010 06:13:41 +0200
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> Since I dont succeed to post to the mailing list

I will take you into CC then. But can't you give it another try and try (again) 
to subscribe to the gcmd devel mailing list ? (it needs subscription)

> 2) automatic list of 'Most often opened folders' ... is just bookmarks, 
> no ? For me it is.

Krusader calls it 'popular places'. These entries will be added to a list 
automagically, just a fav list by statistics like music players do. It could 
also be just the last 20 visited folders or so.
Anyway: You never manually add or remove something manually there, that's 
unlike bookmarks.
I agree however that it creates the same workflow like bookmarks, you have to 
open a list and look through and choose an entry.

As you will see in my previous mail i've already picked up you "treeview 
bookmarks" which is a great idea !

> 3) Hesitation on the video : I didnt just know what folders to open !


I suspected it but i couldn't believe it :) but, i would have done exactly the 
same. Start the recording an then, uhm, oops, hey what to do now ??!

> 4) POV on Treeviews : It is now very common for final users, and for a 
> developper it is...interesting to code a GtkTreeView.  And   it is more 
> synthetic than panes.

Ok but look my understanding of developing application (well that's exclusively 
Piotr's job here) is that you try to optimize it for user, not for coder. I 
knwo this is not always true in real life :)

>   Just got the git version, tabs are _GREAT_

that's nice to hear !

> - open tabs from the treeview

yes, that's a good idea and would pick up Piotr's work nicely

> - switch between an exhaustive treeview and a custom treeview ( = 
> bookmarks )

also cool

> I think it would be "ultimate"

you're right :)

My final ultimate idea: A file-manager which automatically opens the folder you 
Or even, which one you really needed to open, even if you don't know!
I don't think of telepathy here. No ! Just forecasting the future.

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