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Re: [gcmd-dev] gnome-vfs hangs on accessing /sys/kernel/debug/tracing

From: Piotr Eljasiak
Subject: Re: [gcmd-dev] gnome-vfs hangs on accessing /sys/kernel/debug/tracing
Date: Thu, 01 Jul 2010 23:14:54 +0200

> Gnome-commander hangs when trying to change directory to
> /sys/kernel/debug/tracing. The process then needs to be manually killed.
> I tracked this down to be a gnome-vfs issue. In dirlist.cc : blocking_list()
> a call is made to gnome_vfs_directory_list_load(). This takes in options,
> one of them being to retrieve MIME-type info. It is that option that causes
> the hang.
> If that option is either removed, or alternatively the further option
> GNOME_VFS_FILE_INFO_FORCE_FAST_MIME_TYPE (extensions) is added, then the
> problem goes away and the directory is displayed as expected. But I'm not
> sure if either way is an acceptable patch?

gcmd relies on mime info heavily, so this is a must. Obviously, the
problem is caused by GnomeVFS, but as it is deprecated it is hard to get
it fixed mainstream... 

IMO the best solution is to provide an option defining the method of
retrieving mime info: GNOME_VFS_FILE_INFO_GET_MIME_TYPE (standard way)
or GNOME_VFS_FILE_INFO_FORCE_FAST_MIME_TYPE (based on file extensions
only). As the problem seems to be very exotic for 'standard' user, I'd

What about it?


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