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[gcmd-dev] bookmarks manager window screwed ?

From: Michael
Subject: [gcmd-dev] bookmarks manager window screwed ?
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2008 11:27:02 +0100
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Can not move entries up or down anymore, buttons are missing (screenshot). Well 
maybe YAGUU (yet another gnomish update ugliness) and will be gone within days. 
(this is debian unstable with daily updates) Just pls would somebody check with 
something more stable ?

ps. don't mind my huge fonts, i'm used to run into trouble with them.

psps. IMHO it would be nice if bookmarksmanager would not close automatically 
if  i jump to page - at least, when by doubleclick on the entry. Perhaps the 
button could read like 'jump and close' so then have both functionalities ? 

Because, it occurs more often that i don't know anymore where an entry will go 
(i have hundreds of folders and equal names occur, anyway, with system folders 
too) so i could just click and see.


There are tree kind of people in the world. 

I admit i'm a clickee sometimes.

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