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[gcmd-dev] mounting vs. bookmarks

From: Michael
Subject: [gcmd-dev] mounting vs. bookmarks
Date: Sun, 2 Sep 2007 21:55:16 +0200
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How about applying the 'skip mounting' to each device seperately ?
Then it could (possibly) be used to go to a folder, like a bookmark, which is 
no mountpoint.
It already works with tricking mount by insertin
-fin > /dev/null && cd 
into the 'device' field (and the folder in the mountpoint field)
but really, it's a hack no.
I don't check 'skip mounting' in this case. However, if i do it, it also works.

btw. I note that in this case (skip mounting) the mountpoints icon appears in 
the toolbar, and clicking it leads you to ~ (like if you clicked on the 'home' 
icon in the left corner)
Looks like another hack ;)
Someday someone will have to sort it out - but of i think it's not urgent yet :)


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