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[gcmd-dev] HEAD+DEV: New python-like indices for advanced file rename te

From: Piotr Eljasiak
Subject: [gcmd-dev] HEAD+DEV: New python-like indices for advanced file rename templates
Date: Thu, 03 Aug 2006 00:06:54 +0200

Hi folks,

I've just committed (to both branches) some advrename enhancements -
advrename now accepts new method for accessing part of template
placeholders - ranges (python-like indices). Here goes excerpt from gcmd
help docs:

        Ranges are a method of accessing a part of a string. The concept
        of ranges is based on python slices.
        A range (start_index:end_index) starts at the start_index and
        finishes one character before the end_index.
        Range syntax 
              * (start_index:end_index) 
              * (start_index) ≡ (start_index:) 
              * (start_index,length) ≡ (start_index:start_index+length) 
        If any of the indices is dropped, it is assumed that you want
        everything in that direction. I.e. (:3) means "every character
        from the beginning of the string up to character 3,
        non-inclusive." (3:) would, on the other hand, mean "every
        character from the string, starting at character 3 (inclusive)
        up to, and including, the last one." If index is negative, it is
        relative to the end of the string. Index -3 stands for "the
        third character from the end of the string". 
        Note:   Position of the first letter is '0'.

Although I believe it should work without any serious problems - please
stress it as much as possible ;o)

BTW - advrename dialog has got 'Help' button for the list of template
placeholders (like $n, $p, etc.) and strftime controls


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