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[gcmd-dev] stock capital gains

From: Brent Biggs
Subject: [gcmd-dev] stock capital gains
Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2006 10:11:49 -0000

News Line

Price Jumps 23.8% Friday, Global Release Creates Anticipation Of Larger Climb 
To Come!

NAME:  Conforce International Inc.
Friday Open: $2.10
Friday Close: $2.60
Price Up: 23.8%
Short Term:  $3.50 - 3.75
Long Term: $5.50 - $6.00
Indicator:  Str0ng Buy

The Scoop:

Marine shipping containers are the number one mode of transportation worldwide, 
thus, it is no suprise that cargo alteranates 
from chemical to food-stuffs. Contamination of wood floors, commonly used in 
the containers, is inevitable due to 
odour and residue absorption. CFRI has developed a new technology in flooring 
that does not absorb odours or residue, therefore 
elimination the risk of contamination. This allows multi-national container 
corporations access to a larger fleet of available 
containers to work with eliminating inefficiences and increasing prifits while 
reducing replacement containers and lossed shipments
due to contamination.

Members, there are an estimated 146 Million containers in use today. With this 
type of market, you can see why we are excited 
about this revolutionary company. They have the jump on the market and they 
have just launched news showing they are seriously 
prepaired for easy and immediate distribution. CFRI has signed exclusive 
manufacturing agreement at strategic locations around 
the globe as they prepair to launch their worldwide marketing campaign.

Just read the news on CFRI and check out their website and jump in this first 
thing Monday morning. We expect to see this jump 
well above $3.00 early in the trading day. It has already jumped from $2.10 to 
$2.60 on Friday.

The News:

Conforce International (CFRI) Signs Exclusive Supply Agreement With Industry 
Giant Royal Group Technologies

TORONTO, ON --     (MARKET WIRE)    -- Conforce International, Inc. (OTC: 
CFRI), developers of the revolutionary EKO-FLOR, 
are pleased to announce that they have signed an Exclusive Supply Agreement 
with Royal Group Technologies Ltd. (listed on the 
NYSE and TSX) for the manufacture of the new Conforce composite container 
flooring product, EKO-FLOR. The deal concludes months 
of negotiations and marks the commencement of preparations for the production 
of EKO-FLOR, scheduled for launch in mid 2006. 

Royal Group Technologies Ltd. ("Royal") is North America's largest PVC extruder 
and one of the world's leading polymer-based 
manufacturers with production and distribution in over 60 countries worldwide. 
With over 9,000 employees, Royal is a global 
leader in technologically superior design and production. 

The agreement with Royal allows Conforce to have EKO-FLOR mass-produced in 
strategically located production facilities around 
the world. This will ensure consistent new product distribution to current 
Conforce clients such as the International shipping 
lines, as well as to new clients such as container leasing companies that have 
expressed interest in the product. The venture 
with Royal also enables Conforce to capitalize on after-market distribution 
through the planned worldwide network of Conforce 
distributors and sales agents. The alliance with Royal will allow Conforce to 
maintain, at all times, competitive global pricing. 

Mr. Marino Kulas, President and CEO of Conforce, said that having Royal as 
their manufacturing partner is the "perfect solution 
to the production end of the EKO-FLOR business." Mr. Kulas added that "the 
ability to leverage the manufacturing strengths of 
one of the largest producers in the world will enable us to meet anticipated 
demand. We are confident that Royal's considerable 
manufacturing expertise and worldwide presence will be an asset leading up to 
and during our global launch." 

About Conforce International Inc.

Management of the Company has been in the container business for over 25 years. 
In addition to the company's business of 
container handling and storage through its 5,000+ container capacity terminal 
facility, Conforce has also been engaged in the 
research and development of a proprietary composite product designed to change 
the way shipping containers are made, worldwide. 
The Company has developed a material that simulates the characteristics of wood 
while testing lighter, stronger and more cost 
effective. The environmentally friendly product, named EKO-FLOR, is currently 
in phase one testing with a planned launch in mid 
2006. For more information on the Company, its EKO-FLOR product, or its 
Terminal Operations, please visit: www.conforce1.com. 


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