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[Gcl-devel] Axiom on solaris 10

From: Gabriel Dos Reis
Subject: [Gcl-devel] Axiom on solaris 10
Date: 19 Nov 2006 05:50:50 +0100

Hi Camm,

  I'm looking at the GCL bits of Bill's message


   bash-2.05$ diff -Naur gcl-2.6.8pre_orig gcl-2.6.8pre
   diff -Naur gcl-2.6.8pre_orig/h/solaris.defs
   --- gcl-2.6.8pre_orig/h/solaris.defs    2004-07-15 12:28:44.000000000
   +++ gcl-2.6.8pre/h/solaris.defs 2006-09-12 13:15:58.280649000 -0400
   @@ -1,15 +1,18 @@

   -# notes for redhat 6.0
   -#  the configure should select the compiler
   -#  However for the gcl-tk directory, you must use plain 'gcc' since
   -#  that must link with the tcl tk libs which have been compiled with
   -#  so after configure change to GCC=gcc in the gcl-tk/makefile
   +# notes for Solaris

   +# Machine dependent makefile definitions for Solaris 9, 10
   +# running a full GNU toolchain. This might not work on a
   +# pure Sun configuration.

   -# Machine dependent makefile definitions for intel 386,486 running
   +# Modified: Sept 12, 2006 Bill Page


   +# We need these flags to get the right options for sockio.h
   +# and memalign
   +CFLAGS := ${CFLAGS} -DBSD_COMP=bsd_comp -DGNUMALLOC=gnumalloc
    #OFLAG =  -g -Wall
    #OFLAG =  -g -Wall -fomit-frame-pointer -Werror
    #LIBS  = -lm

What would be your take on this? 

-- Gaby

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