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[Gcl-devel] Re: correctable errors

From: Camm Maguire
Subject: [Gcl-devel] Re: correctable errors
Date: 09 Nov 2006 13:22:39 -0500
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Greetings, and thanks!  This is my understanding too. Further, I think
that no standard function must call check-type, assert, ccase, or
ctypecase.  Which leaves only the package ops which truly must be
implemented in correctable fashion.  Yes?

Take care,

Robert Boyer <address@hidden> writes:

> At some levels of SAFETY, perhaps only 3, one must check that the
> argument to CAR is either a cons or NIL, but I do not believe that
> Common Lisp has ever required that an error in such a case be
> correctable.  However, I'm no authority.  This is merely my opinion.
> If such correctability were required, then Allegro would behave
> differently than below, I suspect.
> Bob
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> % acl
> International Allegro CL Enterprise Edition
> 7.0 [Linux (x86)] (Jun 29, 2005 9:23)
> Copyright (C) 1985-2004, Franz Inc., Oakland, CA, USA.  All Rights Reserved.
> This development copy of Allegro CL is licensed to:
>    [TC8015] University of Texas
> ;; Optimization settings: safety 1, space 1, speed 1, debug 2.
> ;; For a complete description of all compiler switches given the
> ;; current optimization settings evaluate (EXPLAIN-COMPILER-SETTINGS).
> CL-USER(1): (car 3)
> Error: Attempt to take the car of 3 which is not listp.
>   [condition type: TYPE-ERROR]
> Restart actions (select using :continue):
>  0: Return to Top Level (an "abort" restart).
>  1: Abort entirely from this (lisp) process.
> [1] CL-USER(2): 

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