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Re: [Gcl-devel] gclm.bat

From: Vadim V. Zhytnikov
Subject: Re: [Gcl-devel] gclm.bat
Date: Tue, 30 Dec 2003 21:44:03 +0300
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Mike Thomas ?????:
Hi Vadim.

| One suggestion about gcl.bat script.
| It is good idea to place "" around %PATH%
| This helps if path has directories with spaces.
| In this case original path command in the
| gcl.bat fails.

I'm don't get that on Win XP eg:

Ah, you are right.  If path contains spaces then

path <foo>;%path%

works fine on Win XP bit fails on Win Me
with the error message "Too many parameters...".
The bad news is that

path <foo>;"%path%"

works on Win Me but don't work on Win XP.
On XP this command scrambles path variable
since "" remains in it unexpanded.  I really
don't know what to do?  Two separate
scripts for Win XP/2K and Win Me/9X?
Can installed handle this?

On the other hand I noticed that under Win Me
all programs tends not to add pieces with
spaces to the patch.  They try to use
short (like PROGRA~1) alternatives.
I noticed problem with

path <foo>;"%path%"

only after installation of MS SQL server
which added directory with spaces to the

C:\Documents and Settings\miketh>path a b;c d;ef
C:\Documents and Settings\miketh>echo %path%
a b;c d;ef
C:\Documents and Settings\miketh>path blah blah;%path%
C:\Documents and Settings\miketh>echo %path%
blah blah;a b;c d;ef

Here is the path which gcl.bat passes in to GCL under Windows XP (and from
past experience, also W2000):

(si::getenv "PATH")

dotnetSDK\\Bin\\;C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft Visual Studio
 Visual Studio
;C:\\WINDOWS;C:\\WINDOWS\\System32\\Wbem;C:\\Program Files\\Common

Are you getting something different on Win 98 or ME?

| Finally I wonder about gclm.bat.  Strange but
| it doesn't work to me on both Win XP and Win Me.
| Maybe we should replace it by a simpler script -
| something like gcl.bat but with GCL installation
| path in some environment variable?

It works for me under NT2000 and XP but I can't test under ME - you're
probably right though - it's something I picked up off the web which does
some tricky stuff I don't really understand to establish the current working
directory.  It isn't meant to be used in a release install of GCL - more of
a convenience for developers.

What goes wrong for you when you use it on XP and ME?

Sorry, I probably did something wrong.  In real life gclm.bat
works to me fine on Win XP.
On Win Me it issues several "Syntactic error".
But even this error I was able to get only after converting
gclm.bat into DOS text file encoding. Without it it just
silently exits. Win Me/9X command interpreter can't handle
files in UNIX encoding (Win XP interpreter can).


Mike Thomas.

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