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[Gcl-devel] Re: value stack overflow

From: Camm Maguire
Subject: [Gcl-devel] Re: value stack overflow
Date: 11 Dec 2003 14:51:57 -0500
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You can see what is on the stack with :vs.  You can see a backtrace
(if that is helpful) with :bt.  You can jump to any frame with :fr,
and see local variables with :bl.

If there is in fact no bug and you just need a bigger stack, at the
gcl toplevel, you can try (setq si::*multiply-stacks* 2) to double the
stack size, (si::save-system "new_image"), and then try executing
again with new_image.

Take care,

address@hidden writes:

> Can someone remind me what's the most useful thing to do to debug a
> value stack overflow.  I've looked at several of the options under :h,
> but I can't really see what's going on. 
> Error: Value stack overflow.
> Fast links are on: do (si::use-fast-links nil) for debugging
> Error signalled by ACL2-PC::PROVE.
> Broken at COND.  Type :H for Help.
> Bill

Camm Maguire                                            address@hidden
"The earth is but one country, and mankind its citizens."  --  Baha'u'llah

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