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[Gchempaint-main] GChemPaint 0.10.0 and later

From: Jean Bréfort
Subject: [Gchempaint-main] GChemPaint 0.10.0 and later
Date: Mon, 03 Nov 2008 21:17:15 +0100


For those who don't know yet, GChemPaint is now shipped with the Gnome
Chemistry Utils. Version 0.10.0 was released last Friday and is a large
improvement over 0.8.7, except for embedding in Abiword which will not
work with Abiword-2.6.x because of an incompatibility between the used
goffice versions (it should work again with future Abiword releases, 2.8
or later).

This mailing list will most probably see even less messages than in the
past. The Gnome Chemistry Utils mailing list is
mailto:address@hidden (it needs subscription for posting).

Best regards,

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