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[Gap-dev-discuss] FYI: CDPlayer with libcdio support

From: Andreas Schik
Subject: [Gap-dev-discuss] FYI: CDPlayer with libcdio support
Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2012 09:51:26 +0200

Hi all,
I have managed in the last days to make CDPlayer work with libcdio and
friends, at least in a rudimentary manner.
Currently I encounter different problems:
- interrupted data streams, i.e. the player stops playing after a couple
of minutes
- the display being not in sync with the actual playing
- most probably others I have not come across, yet

Why do I port this here? Mainly for two reasons:

1. I am using the Cnthiune output module system. This way I do not have
to duplicate this code. CDPlayer simply loads the *.output modules from
Cynthiune's bundle folder and uses them.

2. For the time being, I at least will not try to integrate that into
Cynthiune. Mainly, because I have no time, but I am also lacking a good
idea of how to integrate that into Cynthiune's GUI.
I also need CDPlayer's services (for Burn and an auto-mounting/-playing
helper I have written). So, replacing CDPlayer by Cynthiune would be too
much effort for me.

If someone wants to have a look, you find it on (project gsburn)
in the CVS.
As noted, it is still a way from being ready for release, but may serve
as proof of concept.

Thanks for your attention.

Note: I sent this mail already yesterday, but it never appeared on the list. Might be that the sender address was wrong. Should you receive this twice anyway, please bear with me.

Grüße / Cheers

Andreas Schik

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