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Re: [Gap-dev-discuss] Cynthiune loading large playlist

From: Sebastian Reitenbach
Subject: Re: [Gap-dev-discuss] Cynthiune loading large playlist
Date: Sat, 02 Jun 2012 15:42:02 +0200
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On Saturday, June 2, 2012 15:01 CEST, Philippe Roussel <address@hidden> wrote:

> Hi,
> Le 02/06/2012 11:20, Sebastian Reitenbach a écrit :
> > Hi,
> >
> > when having a large playlist in Cynthiune, then weird things happen for me. 
> > It seems, there are too many
> > file descriptors open. It seems, Cynthiune checks all files in the 
> > playlist, and keeps an open file descriptor for it.
> How many files, and what kind of files, are we talking about ?
> I just created a playlist with 1007 items and while it is quite slow to
> start Cynthiune, things seem to work.

On OpenBSD, /etc/login.conf defines resource limits. There I have:


128 is generally fine, even Firefox and other beasts work fine with that limit.

I think you can try to reproduce the problem on Linux when you lower the open 
files using
ulimit -n 1000
maybe for your case, or something lower.

On a linux box where I have access, the open files limit is set to 1024, maybe 
for you too, and
you just missed it by a small number of songs in your playlist?

How I did it: in the Add music files dialog, I just had my home directory open, 
and I definitely
have more than 128 audio files in there, which Cynthiune could pick up. Mostly 
mp3, but also FLAC,
Ogg, and some others.
When I clicked there the OK button, It already started to behave weirdo, then I 
tried to restart Cynthiune
on the console, and saw the console output. I deleted the playlist, to be able 
to start Cynthiune again.


> Philippe

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