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Re: [Gap-dev-discuss] Cynthiune - Current known problems to solve before

From: Riccardo Mottola
Subject: Re: [Gap-dev-discuss] Cynthiune - Current known problems to solve before release
Date: Sun, 20 May 2012 00:28:05 +0200
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Status update:

1) Resetting properties of backends (channels, rate and endianness). Philippe proposes to reopen the device, perhaps it can be reset. Affects 2) in the term that if endianness changes during playing there are troubles. Affected are ALSA for sure, AO perhaps... 2) Endianness. I hope this is mainly sorted out for most backends? I fear only me and Sebastian can check that 3) Shuffle/Repeat. Selecting the Menu-action and the toolbar action do not highlight the same way... 4) Long delays when passing to one song to the other, experienced at least for ALSA. It could be related to 1) since each time I get an exception...
5) Sndio not working at all for me (will retest again tomorrow)
6) Gorm file is bogus, will ask for help.
7) Crashes/memory issues. Yesterday i still got a crash after playing several files (I brought my old debian laptop with Cynthiune to a sound studio and used it as a sound input... it plays quite well!!!)

Fixed problem which we should confirm are
1) opening/saving playlists
2) object deduplication

1) sadly still remains.
2) is confirmed to be problem of 1). The first song played is now correct, the following ones are the problems 4) appears to be MP3 only... with buffer underrun. Is probably acceptable for this release 5) I will retry again tomorrow/monday... perhaps it benefits from other fixes.

fixed: 3) 6) 7) 1) 2)

we are close to a release. The ideas for enhancemets are already flowing in, but I don't want to delay further. Philippe, you sai dyou had an idea for properties reset between songs? the methods detects them nd I added "endiannes" but perhaps the device doens't get them. Closing/reopening each time might not be a good idea, but perhaps the only way out? It should still be done only if necessary though.

Please test also the backends with 22khz or Mono files... not just 44Khz/16bit/stereo


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