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Re: [Gap-dev-discuss] Cythiune : fix badly written macros causing nasty

From: Philippe Roussel
Subject: Re: [Gap-dev-discuss] Cythiune : fix badly written macros causing nasty crashes
Date: Thu, 17 May 2012 18:01:01 +0200
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Le 17/05/2012 17:34, Riccardo Mottola a écrit :
> Hi,
> I applied a slightly modified version of your patch to provide mac
> replacements of the macros.
> It builds and works for me. Does it improve your bug?

Yep, everything works, thanks. I didn't use the GNUstep macros at first
because of mac compatibility but this way we get the best of both world.
I think many applications come with a .h file with GNUstep macros for
that reason, it's kind of sad.

> In the long run, I'd suggest that while editing files the use of
> "official" macros should be encouraged, just replace them as you find
> them and don't use the old ones when writing code.

Ok, no problem.

> I would not want to risk a massive replacement now, I want to make a
> release with the bug fixes. Such big refactoring should be done later.

I definitely agree.

With the lastest fixes I've running Cynthiune for a long time without
any problem (except the buffer underrun warnings), things are looking
good I would say.


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