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Re: [Gap-dev-discuss] Cynthiune : add decorations to the song inspector

From: Philippe Roussel
Subject: Re: [Gap-dev-discuss] Cynthiune : add decorations to the song inspector window
Date: Fri, 04 May 2012 09:34:19 +0200
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Le 04/05/2012 08:49, Philippe Roussel a écrit :
> Hi,
> Le 04/05/2012 00:53, Riccardo Mottola a écrit :
>> Hi,
>> with windowmaker it is perfectly fine, I'd love to try it out under the
>> mac, if I get it to compile. So to get some sort of "reference".
> Ok but does the patch change something under windowmaker ?
>> I think Ihate unity just by looking at the screenshots and reading the
>> havoc it causes, without ever trying it :) I see you are already
>> discussing stuff with Fred, add this to the mailing list, it goes well
>> beyond my knowledge.
> Well, I'm starting to really like it, mostly for its 'get out of the
> way' philosophy.
> On a laptop, the integrated top menu is a huge gain of vertical space.
> The dock looks a lot like GWorkspace's one in it's design, just better
> looking (in my opinion), you should love it :o)
> I'm not sure the problem only comes from Unity, it could exist with any
> compositing window manager. I'll try to check with Compiz.

I just tried with gnome-shell and metacity : the song inspector window
has no decorations and cannot be moved. It's probably a gui bug but for
now this patch would do.


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