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Re: [Gap-dev-discuss] Cynthiune. Current status

From: Philippe Roussel
Subject: Re: [Gap-dev-discuss] Cynthiune. Current status
Date: Wed, 02 May 2012 10:38:11 +0200
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Le 02/05/2012 09:51, Riccardo Mottola a écrit :
> Hi,
> let me sum up as things are for me, before any further patches sent by
> Philippe.
> 1) Linux/Debian, debian packages, OSS emulation: everything seems quite
> fine for me, building is fine, running is fine... So except for ALSA, I
> cannot reproduce Philippe's problems.
> I'm not GS_make expert. So if BUNDLES is the more correct variable, it
> may be correct to add it, I will look at the patch in closer detail
> between today and tomorrow.

I reverted all local changes and updated from cvs and I'm back to square
one :

>  Linking app Cynthiune ...
> ./obj/Cynthiune.obj/CynthiuneController.m.o:(.data.rel+0x4): undefined 
> reference to `__objc_class_name_MailService'
> ./obj/Cynthiune.obj/PlaylistController.m.o: In function `-[PlaylistController 
> _feedPlaylistWithTreeOfFilenames:]':


Maybe the different behaviour between your setup and mine is that I use
gnustep trunk (differences in gnustep-make ?) and gcc 4.6.1.

I have a basic libao backend working. If you're having problems getting
sound on some plateforms where NSSound does work with libao, I can send
you the code for you to test.


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