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[Gallium-announce] concentration camp recitation

From: Gwendolen Fitzpatrick
Subject: [Gallium-announce] concentration camp recitation
Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2006 04:01:30 -0400
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Of course, NCIP sits in this space. In this way, the reader has some guidance which will influence a decision about whether or not to request the delivery of the item. There were 'field studies' at several libraries, contextual interviews based on these, interviews with library staff, and followup workshops where earlier results were used to shape questions.
Scanned images of the cards may be browsed using the Card Catalogue Online. We can expect to see it change where it makes sense based on user behaviors. In the notebook were pasted various 'provocative' statements.
The report notes that users do not use 'library staff, the local library catalog, or bibliotek. Access is integrated nicely with Mirlyn, the online catalog.
In some cases, the catalog may be absorbed into metasearch and resolution environments, in other cases not. It lists various publications.
A couple of things caught my eye. Learn about how people cook and what they eat in different lands.
I have been surprised over the years not to see it replicated elsewhere. to get back to the main point, my answer at the time can be summed up pretty simply. Scanned images of the cards may be browsed using the Card Catalogue Online. In one followup workshop, the idea of a personal contact for each unit was welcomed. The authors report that people tend not to use the library for searching, but, once something is found, they do look to the library to get it. php - FOR PERSONAL AND NON COMMERCIAL USE ONLY! This type of integration is likely to become more common. I like the way they use the sea in the current website design.
It was nice to see the 'auratic traces' left by the staff at the University of Michigan on the scanned copy - the cataloger's marks, the UM perforated stamp.

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