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[Gallium-announce] castigation

From: Hope Pratt
Subject: [Gallium-announce] castigation
Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2006 08:13:23 -0000

He was wearing now the blue-denimblouse and overalls that were romantic as all work-clothes are. You educated fellows are too touchy, Doc.
Buncer, and considerablyembarrassed him by asking what he knew about God and Truth. But its not that fear so much as the constant, quiet slaps.
Then I knew that Hell has the sign For colored only.
This is Captain Kingsblood, a new white friend, and a good one,said John Woolcape. I didnt expect tonight that Id find quite so many of your racethat are better-read than I am.
He mustnt, in his urge toward Africa, forget that he had Indianbravery in him as well.
But what inspires us here in Grand Republic is that the vileEthiope is not allowed to join the Y. Now to come back to your soldier and his problem. Lots of white people think were suspicious and hardto get acquainted with.
Now he wants to know whats thehonorable thing to do. The astonished Neil was to learn that this was a habit of the mostincorrigible of race-champions. Hecaught himself wanting to run to the Woolcapes, to Mary Woolcape,but most of all to Ryan.
For this suspicion the poor had some precedent.
If he had hated to return to the great gray republic, yet he hadreturned resolutely.
While she was lecturing as a missionary, Neil was looking at her asa woman.
They all laughed again, but now Neil shuddered. Then, Tell me, Neil, does anyone suspect hisplight?
They laughed, and Clem Brazenstar ruled, Come off the soapbox,Ryan, and let a professional talk!
He was on his way now to theWargate plant, where he was a machinist on the graveyard shift.
He had an official pastor, the Reverend Dr. No man could have been more miserable thanNeil in the unmasking of a friend.

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