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[Gallium-announce] spring chicken employment

From: Amy Sutton
Subject: [Gallium-announce] spring chicken employment
Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2006 11:33:18 -0000

It is very pleasing tous, and we see more of it than you, and so we love it that much more.
The only difference Ican see is freedom, liberty and reality in the things we fight for onearth. We tackle something just alittle too big for us.
That describes a process, but does not say what does the arresting, Iobjected.
Her color is a beautiful new color I have never seen anywhereelse. Your matter, therefore, beinglimited, is an obstruction. Trying to see who can hurt thebest frequency?
Of course, I cant live in those limitations. Later Darby had an idea by way of illustration.
The essence of both matter and you isconsciousness. Not so high as his own frequency, but veryclose to his own.
What is an obstruction for one degree of consciousness maynot be an obstruction for another degree. You understand us when we speak aloud to you.
You say that your body is just as I used to know it, said I.
You condition your future on thepresent event. That describes a process, but does not say what does the arresting, Iobjected.
I think we need some illustrations, said Darby.
It is unimportant, because it does not interferewith the intent of the tree at all.
So why should not conductivity,receptivity and frequency be subject to manipulation?
I interpolated, and I dont believeyou mean arrest. Every manifestation of consciousness operates in the trilogia essences.
Theobstructed universe is for the purpose of birth, of the individualizationof consciousness.
At some unpredictable hour, something is going to change this room.
There is truth inthe statement that God walked in the garden in the cool of the evening.
It is even more at ourcommand in the unobstructed universe.
I dont want to use the phraserapidity of vibration; that gives a false picture.
For some reason you wishit were the end of the day.

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