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[Gallium-announce] sonic

From: Sanders Cobb
Subject: [Gallium-announce] sonic
Date: Sat, 16 Sep 2006 13:27:05 +0900

Leaving their gates open, they passed each other in silence. As soon as the war was over,consolidation was going to be an issue throughout the ward.
Nearly the whole districtwas flax land; and plenty of it was available. That word was just becoming the slogan ofthe hour. Thelads from the field who had arrived followed on horseback.
Horanski, aided by one ofthe Nicoll girls, had prepared dinner for the crew.
The fact was that Abe had begun to weigh like a substantial shadowon the district.
When Wheeldon heard that he was in town, he hunted him up. Which, however, nobody with eyes in his head could credit.
Incomprehensibly,a wave of fear invaded him, aroused by the puzzled _expression_ onthe mans face. For a moment it looked as if Abe were going to ask more questions.
Chaffand dust from many threshing fields had spread over all this world.
Pushing his hatback from a beady brow, Stobarn said, Dont ask me to work for youagain.
Here, Charlie, he said, for the boy had climbed to the ground. Do youthink Id be satisfied with a measly quarter? Beyond,Bills empty wagon barred the road. Hartley and Wheeldon did not take sides in the endless discussions.
With him, it was a matter of personal pride that everybodysachievement was measured by Abes.
Yet Wheeldon was beginning to have a following: Hartley, HenryTopp, and others. No nativeirregularity, whether of soil accumulation or plant growth, brokeits monotony. Abe made roomunder the spout by driving ahead.
Nobody even asked how the thing had happened till many days later. Vanbruik said when he had been called by Hilmer, hadbeen instantaneous. He had replaced his ageing bronchos by another drivingteam, still more magnificent.
On the trail from the yard a dust cloud was trailing along.
Shilloes and Nawosads eldestboys had gone. Here, Charlie, he said, for the boy had climbed to the ground. Abe looked about and seemed to see for the first time.
He also listened more patiently to others, trying to get theirpoint of view.
While Im single, said Henry Topp, I dont give a tinkersdamn.
At a word from the doctor, Anderson had returned totown to fetch Mrs. The moment awork of man was finished, nature set to work to take it down again.

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