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[Gallium-announce] shorn revolutionize

From: Emily Starr
Subject: [Gallium-announce] shorn revolutionize
Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2006 22:13:49 +0200

Could you keep this thing quiet till tomorrow, Markham? Butcouldnt they be accounted for on other grounds?
I got to thinking about it more and more, until I couldnt stand itany longer. Benson, you turned outthe lights, of course? She turned a direct, frank gaze upon Markham. You noticed, he hadnt even decided how he got intoBensons house that night.
In fact, Im jolly glad the captainhas gone in for imagnative litrature. Vance looked at her for a while sympathetically.
Thats natural, Vance said sympathetically.
Now that you remember the fact, just how did you turn them off? And did you happen to see a blue jewel case on the table?
Their presence there has beenpreying most distressinly on the district attorneys mind.
Then Vance asked: What are you going to do withthe captain now? After a moment he gave her a friendly smile.
I went up to him and said I wanted to speak to him. The major went to him and held out his hand.
You see, Alvin told me that a judgment had been takenagainst Mrs.
I was afraid they might find itat my apartment. She sank back into her chair, and her hands relaxed.
But we must understand your motive thoroughly. I got himto dictate a confession to Swacker, and then he sighed it. He laid the confession on Markhams desk with an air ofdisappointment, and sank into a chair. Dont work toohard, and dont let these disappointments get to you.
When he found you wereout, he phoned headquarters, and they connected him with me. Benson, you turned outthe lights, of course?
Really, y know, I shouldnt put toomuch stock in this.

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