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[Gallium-announce] neighborhood

From: Horace Rucker
Subject: [Gallium-announce] neighborhood
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2006 19:02:37 +0800

Waiters stopped,diners raised their forks and held them. Neville,who sits waiting with agonized intensity, nervously straightens theforks in front of him.
We changed, we became unrecognizable, said Louis. Our hands touch, our bodiesburst into fire. Their hearts pound and churn intheir sides.
For this moment, this one moment, weare together.
Thatis the truth; that is a fact, but beyond it all is darkness andconjecture.
The greatprocession passes, flinging green boughs and flowering branches. Shall we say love of Percivalbecause Percival is going to India?
With infinite time before us, said Neville, we ask what shall wedo?
We have cometogether, at a particular time, to this particular spot. Shall we push through flowering meadowsand make daisy chains?
The man lay livid with his throat cut in the gutter, saidNeville.
You have lost a leader whom you would have followed; andone of you has lost happiness and children. But I cannot, for Iam not single and entire as you are.
Nothing, not the pursuit ofperfection through the sand, nor fame, nor money, has meaning forme.
Then the blow; the world crashed; he breathed heavily.
At that shores slipaway, chimneys flatten themselves, the ship makes for the opensea.
Now the agony begins; now the horror has seized me with itsfangs, said Neville.
Thesmell of carpets and furniture and scent disgusts me.
I was this, Neville that, Rhoda different again, andBernard too.
You stand in the door making us noticeyou. Now let us issue from the darkness of solitude, said Louis.
But without Percival there is no solidity. How signal to all time tocome that we, who stand in the street, in the lamplight, lovedPercival?
Yet already signals begin, beckonings, attempts to lure me back.
Horns and trumpets, said Rhoda, ring out.
Now the agony begins; now the horror has seized me with itsfangs, said Neville.

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