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[Gallium-announce] crawl

From: Felice Rodgers
Subject: [Gallium-announce] crawl
Date: Sat, 9 Sep 2006 09:19:51 +0200

She would have to explain to her just why Mrs. She pushed the thought firmly back into her mindand grappled with the more pressing emergency.
She entered the room and sat down on the bed that was glaring withharsh sunshine.
Meadecouldnt come and the knowledge that Phil Meade was badly woundedmight upset her. He was coatless and his sleeves were rolled up tohis shoulders.
A roaring sound like the breaking of surfrose from the crowd.
She thought of the long walk back to thehouse and it seemed interminable. Melanie reached out and took Scarletts hand in a gentle confidingclasp. She walked to the window and looked down the street and came backand sat down again.
For a moment she stared at him bewildered, dropping her skirts indismay. Why couldntshe have gone to Macon with Aunt Pitty?
There was a battle, somewhere, yesterday!
Deys fightin at Jonesboro, Miss Scarlett!
Oh, all right, I promise, said Scarlett, looking down at her inbewilderment. Perspiration came down her face in streams as she pulled her skirtsfrom clutching hands.
There was Melanie back there in the bed expectingthat baby.
He shook off her hand roughly and spoke as though he hardly heardher, hardly knew what she said. Ill go down and get some freshwater and sponge you off. A sullen Yasm drifted up to her and she drew a deep breath,feeling suddenly ashamed of herself. There was Melanie back there in the bed expectingthat baby. Build a fire in the stove and keep hot water boiling in thekettle. Then a strangely incongruous sight struck her eyes. Wipe your eyes and get a fresh pitcher of water and go on up.
She entered Melanies room and saw that the breakfast tray wasuntouched. Put on a clean apron because I want you to go over tothe hospital.
She would have preferred a loudscream to silent endurance.
She did recall a fewthings and she spoke to Prissy rapidly, authority in her voice.
Ah drapped in ter pass time of deday wid Mammy on mah way home. There was only horror in the quiet that followed. She opened her mouth to tell him why Mrs. Anything wasbetter than being tied here waiting for a baby that took such along time coming. She had never seen so manysoldiers together before.

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