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Re: [fxscintilla-users] Showing invalid keys

From: Gilles Filippini
Subject: Re: [fxscintilla-users] Showing invalid keys
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2003 21:40:17 +0100

Rafael de Pelegrini Soares wrote:
> Hi Gilles,
> The current version of FXScintilla shows the character "ESC" when
> the "ESC" key is pressed. Anolog behavior is expected for other not
> wanted keys.
> To avoid this (like in FXText class) the following line should be
> added to the member function FXScintilla::onKeyPress:
> if((event->state&(CONTROLMASK|ALTMASK)) || ((FXuchar)event-
> >text[0]<32)) return 0;

Corrected in CVS.
Thanks again.


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