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Re: [fxscintilla-users] More Cygwin Information

From: Gilles Filippini
Subject: Re: [fxscintilla-users] More Cygwin Information
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2002 22:54:25 +0100

David Hisel wrote:
> After reading the FAQ for cygwin, I found that the library switches must
> appear at the end of the command line. Cygwin also needed the "-mwindows"
> switch turned on.  So, I moved the "-lFOX" switch to the end and added
> "-mwindows" and here's the results after running it:
> After moving the "-lFOX" switch to the end and adding "-mwindows" it seems
> to compile with g++

I'll have to check for the Cygwin environment in the configure process.
The problem is that I have Cygwin only at work (no Win32 box at home)
and I haven't much spare time there.
Sorry for the delay...


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