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[fxscintilla-users] Re: can't compile fxscinitilla on RH 7.3 system

From: Gilles Filippini
Subject: [fxscintilla-users] Re: can't compile fxscinitilla on RH 7.3 system
Date: Mon, 05 Aug 2002 17:08:24 +0200

Jens-Christian Fischer wrote:
> Hello gilles,
>   I'm trying to compile FXScintilla on a RedHat 7.3 box.
>   - I have compile and installed Fox 1.0.17 - the different demo
>   programs are running (calulator, adie)
>   - When I ./configure in the fxscintilla directory, I get the error
>   messages, that neither FOX verision 1.0.x nor 1.1.x are available.
>   - fox/fx.h is available (usr/local/include)
>   - FOX Library is also available (in /usr/local/lib)
>   do you have any ideas?
>   thanks for your help
>   jc

Well, no idea yet, excepted that it's a configure problem :/
Please send me the resulting config.log file so that I can investigate.

Thanks in advance.


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