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Re: [Fsuk-manchester] Re: OpenMoko Demonstration 2008 video

From: Tim Dobson
Subject: Re: [Fsuk-manchester] Re: OpenMoko Demonstration 2008 video
Date: Wed, 25 Nov 2009 18:40:34 +0000
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Michael Dorrington wrote:
> Tim Dobson wrote:
>> Michael Dorrington wrote:
>>> Tim, really good work getting the videos up.
>>> I'm going to create a collection of our talk videos with slides and
>>> other free software videos to burn to DVD that we can hand out meetings
>>> and events.
>> thanks! :)
>> That's a good idea. I was going to say;
>> Would it be worth trying to link to videos of the talks that have
>> happened here:
>> http://groups.fsf.org/wiki/Manchester/Meetings
> I've added a video column and links to the videos on:
> http://groups.fsf.org/wiki/Manchester/Meetings#Group_Meetings
>> As far as I know the following talks were recorded on video:
> The information you gave was really useful and I used it to add the
> entry for each talk.
> I searched for the videos but found two discrepancies:
>> Steven Flower (Recorded by me on handheld Aiptek video camera in VGA
>> with occasional use of Digital Zoom. Online at archive.org)
> Can't find on archive.org but it is on blip.tv.

Ok. Yeah, that would make sense. I'll upload that.

>> Enrico Zini (Recorded by me using Sanyo WH1 in VGA with desk tripod and
>> use of optical zoom. Online at blip.tv I *think* and I *hope*
>> archive.org - I should have masters if there are issues)
> Can't find on blip.tv or archive.org.

Yeah. It wasn't labelled or as far as I remember. I'll go have a look
for it.

>> Once we have a definitive list of online talks, we can go through and
>> make sure they are all available in free formats.
> All the talks that I've found are available in free formats as far as I
> can tell. All archive.org videos are available in free formats. The two
> blip.tv videos are available in free formats, one in Theora MKV and the
> other in XVID AVI.

Ok. This is an interesting point. They are available in free formats
(Xvid AVI is debatable but it really doesn't matter), but the
archive.org ones for instance are transcoded down in quality.

So whilst my recording might be beautiful, it is rencoded at lower
quality settings in ogg/theora/vorbis and lower quality mp4.

If we end up doing, as you mentioned, compiling a disk of MFS talks, it
would be ideal to have the high quality versions of each talk encoded in
a free format.

> Tim, please you could check the details I've added.

I will do. I have a few updates on several of the videos as well:

I don't seem to have a copy of the Elmar Geese video. :(

Thanks for putting that together Michael!



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