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[Fsuk-manchester] Fwd: [Liverpool] Don't Disconnect Us

From: Lucy
Subject: [Fsuk-manchester] Fwd: [Liverpool] Don't Disconnect Us
Date: Mon, 2 Nov 2009 11:22:31 +0000

Not the best worded petition perhaps, but I've signed it anyway. Worth a look..

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From: Vladimir <address@hidden>
Date: 2009/11/2
Subject: [Liverpool] Don't Disconnect Us
To: Liverpool Linux User Group <address@hidden>

Hello, everyone!

Like it or not, but the file-sharing culture is here to stay. In fact
online file-sharing is good for publicity and promotion
of the artists. Unfortunately the greedy music industry lobby is
trying to push the governments of many countries
to adopt the stupid and draconian laws, based on the principle "guilty
till proven innocent".

Here's the petition to the prime-minister on just such a matter.
Please sign it and pass the news
to your friends and colleagues.



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